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Information Management Systems

Information Management Systems Business reasons and the IT capabilities that have led to a move from an emphasis on data processing to information management Introduction Information systems (IS) concept includes activities such as gathering, processing, storing, distributing and using information … Continue reading

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PHP OOP Factory Pattern

PHP OOP Tutorial – Factory Pattern Here I am providing an example on how to build up an PHP object oriented programming project, using the factory design pattern.  In this example, Factory class contains one static function to create a … Continue reading

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You may experience problems accessing your unicode data from Java on your database if you have used PHP to insert those data in there. The reason is that PHP saves the data using Latin1 encoding by default. Sometimes you cannot change the … Continue reading

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How to program in Scheme

History of scheme Scheme programming language started with development of earlier programming languages such as Lisp and ALGOL. Lisp was invented in the MIT University by John McCarthy in 1958 and ALGOL was created in 1958 at ETH Zurich in … Continue reading

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What is SEO

Search Engine Optimization SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and it is basically optimizing your web page to bring it on top of the search engine results. Since Google is dominating search engine, most of the SEO is focusing on … Continue reading

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Welcome to my blog. Here you can find out about my latest projects, articles and notes. The first programming language I have learned was Turbo C++ language back into 1996 for about 2 years. After that, I’ve spent my time mostly … Continue reading

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