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Bluetooth Security

Abstract Bluetooth is one of the most widely used technologies used by various devices such as mobile phones, gaming consoles, laptop and computer peripherals. This article discusses about Bluetooth security, technology standards, security features, vulnerabilities and risks associated with using … Continue reading

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Authorship Rich Snippet Microdata

You may have seen authors picture next to their website URL and description in the Google search results. It appears that Google is pushing more traffic to its social networking portal “Google Plus” and now letting bloggers and authors to … Continue reading

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Representational State Transfer

Roy Thomas Fielding (2002) has defined Representational State Transfer (REST) as an coordinated sets of architectural constraints to increase scalability and decrease latency and network communication traffic in his PhD dissertation. There are three main elements in the REST architecture … Continue reading

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Distributed Systems

Distributed systems consists of multiple computers which communicate and coordinate the actions by passing messages to each other. Using distributed systems results in some advantages and its own challenges. One of the main advantages of the distributed systems is to … Continue reading

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Mobile Computing

Mobile computing is growing everyday and getting popular. Many people are using mobiles which connect to Internet to browse and perform online tasks using their mobile devices. Users will have access to their data regardless of their physical location. William, … Continue reading

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Data types and data collection

What is Data? Data is raw facts, which by manipulating and processing them we will get information. Data can be categorized in four main categories. Data types Discrete data: Numeric variables which values can be recorded. Continuous data: Numeric variables where the … Continue reading

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How to configure server

This tutorial provides you with a step by step configuration for a simple Linux server on how to configure server. Linux Fedora core server is chosen for this tutorial, however configuration for other distributions may vary. Fedora is free Linux distribution … Continue reading

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MUD Game

How to build a MUD Game with Scheme MUD stands for Multi-User Dungeon. In this game I have created a 4×5 maze with items such as keys, health potion, dagger and enemies in rooms. This MUD game is created with Scheme programming … Continue reading

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XML vs JSON parsing in Android

Android JBridge Android-JBridge project uses Android SDK to develop the Android client application. This application consists of several classes for each form known as Activity and a RestEasy class which contains methods to communicate with the RESTEasy web services which … Continue reading

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CASE Tools

What is CASE tool? CASE (Computer Aided Software Engineering) tools are used to automate some activity associated with software development in different tasks such as specification, structured analysis, design, coding and testing. CASE tools increase productivity and help producing better … Continue reading

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