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Java chat bot – Free open source chat robot

Introduction MajBot is a Java-Based chat bot which responses based on the messages that it receives. It uses an external data file (XML file) to make it easier for users to extend its features and its domain. MajBot uses dynamic … Continue reading

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What is Servlet

What is servlet? A servlet is a Java class which can be accessed by via request-response methods. This application is designed to demonstrate a distributed system development which uses servlets and  EJBs. The project consists of two servlets including Registration which handles login … Continue reading

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MUD Game

How to build a MUD Game with Scheme MUD stands for Multi-User Dungeon. In this game I have created a 4×5 maze with items such as keys, health potion, dagger and enemies in rooms. This MUD game is created with Scheme programming … Continue reading

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XML vs JSON parsing in Android

Android JBridge Android-JBridge project uses Android SDK to develop the Android client application. This application consists of several classes for each form known as Activity and a RestEasy class which contains methods to communicate with the RESTEasy web services which … Continue reading

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Linux Explorer

Linux Explorer is a free simple bash script which allows the user to navigate through Linux folders using up and down arrows and the enter key. Its possible to customize the Linux Explorer to make it run the files with other … Continue reading

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PHP OOP Factory Pattern

PHP OOP Tutorial – Factory Pattern Here I am providing an example on how to build up an PHP object oriented programming project, using the factory design pattern.  In this example, Factory class contains one static function to create a … Continue reading

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You may experience problems accessing your unicode data from Java on your database if you have used PHP to insert those data in there. The reason is that PHP saves the data using Latin1 encoding by default. Sometimes you cannot change the … Continue reading

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How to program in Scheme

History of scheme Scheme programming language started with development of earlier programming languages such as Lisp and ALGOL. Lisp was invented in the MIT University by John McCarthy in 1958 and ALGOL was created in 1958 at ETH Zurich in … Continue reading

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