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What is a memory leak

What is a memory leak In computers, a memory leak refers to software programs which consume memory but fail to release it. This will usually cause memory overflow, slowing down the entire system and sometimes crashing the software. Memory leaks … Continue reading

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Android REST Communication

Android REST Communication Introduction Mobile devices are getting popular and many people are carrying a mobile device with Internet connectivity in their pockets. Designing a scalable solution to allow these devices to communicate to a central server to perform operation … Continue reading

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Delphi Tutorial

Delphi Tutorial In the following Delphi tutorial, I will provide you with documentation and sample code on how to build a simple delphi program called Cash Register. Introduction Cash register is an application which enables the operator to add products, … Continue reading

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Java chat bot – Free open source chat robot

Introduction MajBot is a Java-Based chat bot which responses based on the messages that it receives. It uses an external data file (XML file) to make it easier for users to extend its features and its domain. MajBot uses dynamic … Continue reading

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What is Servlet

What is servlet? A servlet is a Java class which can be accessed by via request-response methods. This application is designed to demonstrate a distributed system development which uses servlets and  EJBs. The project consists of two servlets including Registration which handles login … Continue reading

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Authorship Rich Snippet Microdata

You may have seen authors picture next to their website URL and description in the Google search results. It appears that Google is pushing more traffic to its social networking portal “Google Plus” and now letting bloggers and authors to … Continue reading

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How to configure server

This tutorial provides you with a step by step configuration for a simple Linux server on how to configure server. Linux Fedora core server is chosen for this tutorial, however configuration for other distributions may vary. Fedora is free Linux distribution … Continue reading

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