How to remove your site from Google Safe Search black list

You may have tried to search on Google while Safe Search option is turned on for your domain and couldn’t find any results from your website. In that case, most likely, Google is considering your site as an adult website. It appears that Google is checking history of your domain as well and if your domain was once blocked by Safe Search option, no matter if you have changed your content, your domain will keep being black listed by Safe Search and resulting loss traffic and money for your business. Google Safe Search black list removal task in this tutorial tends to provide a suggestion to help you resolve this issue on your domain.

One of our domains ( ) got hit with this forumla which once were blacklisted by this option, more than 10 years ago, even though a long time is past, the domain is still black listed and not even any contents from subdomains can be listed while Safe Search option is turned on.

After a bit of research, we have noticed that search engines such as Yahoo and Goole may be using 3rd party data to evaluate websites to identify which category they are. If the domain you are using is black listed by Safe Search, you can try to submit a reconsideration request on one of these sites which Trend Site Safety tool:

Using this link, you can get status of your domain to identify which category it is listed under and then click on the reclassify request and submit it for a future review, There is a chance that this might save you some traffic on your search result.

After that, submit a review request to Google using the following link:

Another tip I would give you is to avoid placing too many links on your other Safe sites to your black listed site, otherwise there is a good chance that your other site get black listed by Google as well.

You may try to send a reconsideration request on Google Webmaster tools as well, however in this case most likely you will hear from them that there is no manual action require to be taken on your domain.

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