Linux Explorer

Linux Explorer is a free simple bash script which allows the user to navigate through Linux folders using up and down arrows and the enter key. Its possible to customize the Linux Explorer to make it run the files with other applications if selected, such as opening the text files with nano editor and so on.

By pressing the enter key on a folder, user will see list of the files and folders in the selected folder. So it’s easy to navigate without typing commands.  Also this script displays Folders, Files and links in different colours. Users can provide initial folder as an argument.

License: MIT License
Feel free to change, redistributed or include it into your commercial projects in one condition to keep the original authors name and license information in the script.

Below is a screen shot for the Linux Explorer script:Linux Explorer

The highlighted item is the current cursor location and also an indicator show the type of the item which in this case its a directory. By pressing the enter key, current directory will be changed to the lib folder and its content will be displayed.

Download link: Download Linux Explorer

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