SoftLayer Firewall Review

SoftLayer Firewall Review

I have decided to give a try to different DDoS protection providers to find out which one provides the best deal, so I start by the SoftLayer Firewall Review.

I have started this experiment by SoftLayer Firewall protection ( 1Gbps ) on a quad core dedicated server. The server were setup within 4 hours and delivered quickly, the support was fair, so lets get to the firewall test result.

My target site usually used to get attacks ranging from 60 Mbps and up to 600 Mbps ( Rarely during the past year). After just a couple of days of using this server, I have received an altert indicating that my server were null routed for 24 hours with the following details which are network level statistics and not server level:

Details of the event follow:
Exceeded Bits In: 4 G (Threshold: 750 M)
Exceeded Packets In: 468.3 k (Threshold: 250 k)

After calling them, I was told by one of the SoftLayer staff:

“I understand you have a 1gbps firewall protection however firewalls do not protect against network level DDoS attacks. There are other companies provide DDoS protection and you need to look into them.”

And finally here is the server traffic report which shows the server level DDoS attacks which are just below 70Mbps:

Bottom line:

Don’t get the SoftLayer Firewall protection, it doesn’t protect you against DDoS attacks.

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