What is SEO

Search Engine Optimization

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and it is basically optimizing your web page to bring it on top of the search engine results. Since Google is dominating search engine, most of the SEO is focusing on Google rankings.


Before designing a website, first step is to gather the data for your website and plan the overal structure of your website, what you need in terms of software and hardwares and basically technical requirements.

Choosing right keywords

Next step is to choose high impression keywords relating to the topic of your website. Its most likely that these keywords are high competitive and you do not have a good chance to begin with these keywords. To find low competitive keywords, you can try the Google Keyword Tool in the adwords by typting you desire keyword. Lets say we want to build a software website, you can get the keyword list in the Google Keyword Tool which relates to the “software” term with their competitive rank and searching rank per month. Do a sort by number of searches and pick few of the top keywords with Low competition for your website keywords to focus with.

Meta tags and page names

In this step, you need to set the relevant page names in your website according to the desire keywords. If the more than one word is focuses on that page, separate the keywords by dash character. So if your website is about software development, you might have a software-development.html page. Next step is to add the keyword in the title tag <title>Software Development</title>. Writing a good description is as important as the other steps too, try to come up with a well structured one line description starting with your keywords and not exceeding 150 characters. Also in the keywords tag, separate your keywords by comma and start with your main keyword, here for example we do “software development, software design, web design, …”. Again try not to use more than 8 keywords.

Keyword Density

The next critical step is to write your page contents focusing on your keywords with the following criteria:
– Do not exceed more than 2% of your keywords
– Add your main keyword in the <h1> tag, your second important keyword in <h2> tag and same for the 3rd keyword.
– Keep a good rate of number of unique keywords per page, atleast 400 unique keywords is a good idea.
You can check the keyword density in using the various tools you can find in the Google search engine. Make sure you have slightly higher repeat of the main keyword in your contents.
Also try to embed a picture and name the picture your main keywords as well. Make sure you have alt and title tags as well: <img src=”software-development.jpg” alt=”Software Development” title=”Software development” width=”100px” height=”100px” />

Building Backlinks

Once you have built your web pages with above tips, now its time to add some backlinks, the first and one of the most important websites you need to get your website in there is dmoz.org website. Its the directory which is being used by many other websites and having your website in there there is a guaranteed pagerank and multiple backlinks plus a better position on Google search results.
Other places would be via comment forms, those who allow a website URL, however be careful to not list your site under spamming sites and you don’t spam other sites with your comments too.

Good luck!

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